Welcome to LyonsBarry, Our name is abbreviation of top quality with best price. We believe in serving our clientele with our up to performance and commitments. Since 1970, We are known for our best quality goods and  services. At the most we deal in Basmati Rice and Black Tea of Indian origin. As per our experience and knowledge, we also provide portfolio management service on Indian stock market specially in equity and future trades with an average yearly return of 13-26 percent. Moreover, we also in stepping in third party manufacturing of generic medicine, syrup and protein powder of all variety respectively.

In cessation, we are developing us in gradually in adequate spade with all satisfaction of our oldest to newest clients dealing us. We have a positive attitudes towards our future prospectives.

Products & Services

Indian tea

The best quality black tea & green tea of darjeeling region are packed and despatched to our corporate dealers and distributors. Moreover, we also deal in orthodox tea of Indian origin. We have special grading standerd of tea leafs having unique speciality in their taste and essence.

Basmati rice

World famous basmati rice is known for its distinct natural arome and the ultimate cooking of each single grain of rice and we are specialized to trade in various variety processed diffrently. Varieties like broun rice, white rice, sella rice, golden sella rice are liked diffrently in various countries. Moreover, we grade and pack basmati rice as per our client requierment.


Generic medicines are vary economical and neccassity for every country. Generic medicine like tablats, capsule, syrup and injectives are manufactured for our client, at the most we do third party manufacturing of all type medicine. Moreover, we welcome the orders of protien powder, vitamin capsules for our precious clients.

Investment services

Investment in Indian equity & future market is a lookrative for it’s high returns and risk factor, so we do regrous analysis on them and make regular investment cum trading strategy to make steady growth in assets.



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We will be fill great for responding your query call & e-mail for our products and services. Moreover, our prices are 100% compatible with our quality and market computers. So, take a quotation with guarantee of perfect service from us.

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