Biryani Basmati Rice

India’s most favorite and renowned cousin is Biryani  cooked with chicken or mutton in India, in Arabic countries this cousin is cooked with buff or biff and highly appreciated for its aroma and taste. If manufacturing process having some unique steps to make such type of hard rice with a natural yellow colour. In the beginning Basmati Paddy is steamed and dropped in water for a specific time and that all wet paddy is again steamed and dried. After drying that paddy all raw material is milled is stone polisher. This process produces a hard surface rice with a natural yellowish colour. To conclude, this rice is called a Golden Parboiled Rice or Golden Sella Rice.

Indian Steamed Basmati Rice

In India, Pilaf is most famous Indian cousin made in festival eve, pilaf rice is steamed to make it outer surface little hard then white raw rice. After drying the Basmati Paddy at 18% of moisture level. The paddy is steamed for a specific time of 5-30 minutes. This process make rice grain little cooked. Than the steamed paddy is thrown in another large chamber for a specific time, after rinsing all steamed water from chamber the hot wet Paddy is thrown into steam drying and dry the paddy at 16-18 percent moisture level. This whole Process make rice grain hard than  before, finally the paddy is de-husked in husking rubber roller machine and finally polished by stone polisher machine. Some of manufacturer use dry steam with a stone roller machine to make its surface vary smooth and glossy which attract the most rice lovers.

Indian White Basmati Rice

After drying Basmati Paddy in steam dryer each grain is de-husked in the husking machine to remove the outer hard layer of paddy, this outer layer is usually used for burning purpose. After a proper husking process the brown rice is milled in stone polisher machine. This stone polisher remove the left 7 layers from the rice grain. This process may broke the rice grain, at the most 20-25 percent grains broke and segregated by graders. The full grain are processed in color sorting machine and finally discolor grain got removed from the fine white rice. All the fine white rice are packed in bags of different weight and label and stored in cool and dry process.