Generic medicines are vary economical and necessity for every country. Generic medicine like tablets, capsule, syrup and injections are manufactured for our client, at the most we do third party manufacturing of all type medicine. Moreover, we welcome the orders of protein powder, vitamin capsules for our precious clients.

Type of medicine we manufacture:-

Vitamin Capsule

Energy Capsule

Arthritis Capsule

Stamina Capsule

Mineral Tables

Food Supplementary

Cough Syrup

Iron Syrup

Stone Syrup

Enzyme Syrup

Liver Enzyme Syrup

B- Complex


Fungal Papain

Folic Acid

Calcium Syrup

Laxative Syrup

Diabetic Syrup

Lactations Syrup

Protein Powder

Generic Medicines

Pain Balm

Pain Oil

Antibiotics Capsule and tablets

Hand Sanitizers