Green Tea Manufacturing Process

The leaf is plucked early in the morning, when the cell content of the leaf is at its mellowest, before the harsh upland sun sets in motion the chemical processes in the leaf. The plucking for green tea takes place at that time of the year when temperatures are at their lowest, and early morning frost not an uncommon sight in the plantation.

Steaming                                                                                                                                             The leaf is weighed and dispatched to the lofts from where it is sent through a barrel shaped steamer, in which steam at high pressure softens the leaf and coats it with its own cell fluids.

The steamed leaf briefly traverses through the pre-drier arresting any further chemical action in the leaf cells and preparing the leaf for drying in the troughs.

Rolling the withered leaves begins the process of oxidization by rupturing the leaf cells, allowing the cell sap to mix. In this instance, a specially made by smaller roller than the conventional size was used.

Post Drying
The firing takes place in a specially adapted Tea Drier machine which, at low temperature, removes all surface moisture from the leaf, rendering it suitable for the sifting and grading processes that lie ahead.

Final drying and shaping & styling is done by using the ball tea machine.

The tea is conveyed direct from the dryer to be sifted and graded. Tea particles are separated according to shape and size by being passed through a series of progressively finer meshes. The main grades are Leaf and Broken grades with the former consisting of larger and longer particles, yielding a light infusion, whilst the smaller particles produce darker and stronger infusions.

While, Our Green tea is mostly manufactured in Darjeeling, Due such special feature we usually got constant orders form Canada, Europe and some continents. We also give customized packing option to our client at their willing quality specifications.