India May Become Second Venezuela.

An investor, just an investor said, he will like to invest in the market where government is loyal for enforcement of their set of rules and regulations properly with a vary honesty or so called real patriotism.

You may feel politicians, bureaucrats and business tycoons, they don’t have such capacity to put a country on the track of insolvency, while country still have enough natural resources and with international border with a world richest and powerful country.

That may be future conditions of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh & Nepal. Because, we also have tonnes of such corrupted politician, bureaucrats and business tycoons. I am writings about a country with a GDP of 313.3 Billion Dollar in 2004 with (GDP) 18.35 growth rate. That’s not a story of fiction, We can’t estimate the loss could be done to our countries also as like as Venezuela.

An Egyptian tycoon has built a $5 billion fortune betting on emerging markets. Mr. Naguib Sawiris says he’s ready to invest in such country having Negative GDP 331 Billion Dollar with a Negative 15% GDP growth rate. He only said, one sentence, if Nicolas Maduro leaves office, then he will definite investment in economy of Venezuela.  He said, the embattled president “starves his own people, he starves the whole country, he ruined the country. Nicolas Maduro, put whole country in trouble which is unforgettable and a moral story for all other country having so corrupted people.

To Conclude, only the honest people know the value of honesty instead of those who have a thought that still narrow up to their personal benefits. Every Merchant is lifetime interested to deal with honest people instead of riches but cheater. 

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