Soft-gel Manufacturing

Our soft-gel manufacturing service is robust and provides the ability to create a unique dietary supplement. We offer customization of the color, shape, size and coating of your soft-gel supplement. Consumers enjoy soft-gels because their smooth texture makes them easy-to-swallow. A soft-gel shell holds your nutritional formula in liquid form. The industry consensus is that under normal circumstances, the human body will absorb more nutrients from a dietary supplement, orally ingested in soft-gel form. Our manufacturing is  flexible, affordable and the order minimums are reasonable.

Soft-gels can be manufactured in a variety of shapes, sizes and shell colors. The encapsulation can be transparent, tinted with the color of your choice or be made opaque. We recommend an opaque shell for when a formula is light-sensitive. Soft-gels can be scented to mask ingredient odors, which is popular for fish oils and other Omega-3 products. Soft-gel can be manufactured with an enteric coating, ideal for formulas that must be absorbed in the small intestines. Soft-gels can even be designed as chewables with flavored liquids inside.

Transparent      >    Scented     >       Oval
Opaque              >    Enteric       >       Oblong

All soft-gel manufacturing takes place in a GMP certified supplement manufacturing facility sporting next generation blending, encapsulation and finishing machinery. The machinery is operated by an expert staff of technicians. The facility’s encapsulation and drying techniques are perfected. There is tight quality control on all aspects of the soft-gel manufacturing process. This ensures our soft-gel outcome is unrivaled.

To complement our soft-gels manufacturing service, we also staff in-house graphic artists who are dedicated to creating product packaging. The most popular packaging container for soft-gels is a bottle, but some vitamin brands wish to package their soft-gels in a blister pack or single dose packaging. We can also design inserts, fliers and other marketing collateral as well.