The Essence

Essence nothing but everything, whatsoever we eat, firstly our nose got the taste and understand, do the essence is blowing the mind? do it really refreshing our mind and whole mood? After giving a time of fraction of one second, we put that food or beverage in our mouth and our taste buds start working and send information to our mind, Do the thing in mouth is relaxing it or not? if mind accept the taste and essence the story is at the end. Today, I told you the real story of our tongue and nose. Now, let come to the real material of special hills, Always disputed from last approximately 200 year the land of Gorkha, where Britishers planted the very special plant smuggled from the secrete tea garden of china with all it blue prints of cultivation and processing of tea leaves.

China had the sole monopoly in tea market of world. But no body knows the smuggled plant will give unexpected results after a couple of years & the monopoly of china will be ended and leave china became so behind that the distance will not be covered till next centuries. The smuggled plant became the Kohinoor of Darjeeling hills having distinctively exotic aroma with unique flavor and quality. The Land of Gorkha was so much adoptive for the smuggle plant of china and became a lifetime precious gift to the local citizen of the Darjeeling. For last two centuries the hill are still in disputes created by Indian political parties, sometime the hill got an announcement of strike in tea garden some announcement of strike in tea factories. Resultantivly, Food doesn’t shorts in the kitchen of political parties but the food of workers working in tea garden become short. sometime for 10 day and sometime for 109 days.

No effect took place in kitchens of those, who initiats strike before and after the mean time of tea production from where the food cloths and shelter are sourced by the worker working to give us the essence that refresh our mind. We don’t know the struggle of those people who are working day and night to give us the taste and aroma of Darjeeling tea. The smaller leaves are generally not fully oxidized so is strictly not quite a black tea but a cross between Oolongs and black teas. Representing the  is the same condition of those worker trapped in the web of  political parties. The “queen of teas” is now serving the champagne to politicians, Same is the condition of locals.

Queen is the worker and champagne is enjoyed by the political parties. Moreover, political parties have not to do any hard work to announce a strike and revoke the labor to stop the factory or tea production, they just have to pay money for champagne to local corrupted leader of the worker or the worker union. The foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, at altitudes of up to 4000 feet above sea level, this region offers the perfect climate is the home to the most exotic teas in the world. The sweet aroma also have a bitter truth behind. The tea leaves has fruity and taste like champagne. Basically champagne is made out of grapes which are being supplied from a singular location in France and the Darjeeling tea comes from the native foothills of the Himalayan Ranges.

The First Flush is most expensive one, The Second Flush is mild with a brisk in taste and The Third Flush is depending on the mood of political parties. Third Flush is of light  color, fragrant floral flavors and hints of malty liquor mostly. Darjeeling hills gives a wide variety of tea which includes White, Oolong, Green and traditional Darjeeling Tea. Some local citizen are skilled to make Hand Crafted Teas like pearl tea. A few rare exquisite made by the local labor are the Pearl Tea, Stupa, Olympic Flame, Peony Rosette and Silver Needles. Any tea factory may claim the speciality teas are made by them but truth is the local citizen of Darjeeling. Who have the unique skills to make spaciality tea of Darjeeling.

To conclude, The small baby tea leaves are being processed for our tea cups to energize and refresh our mind while same people need your support to overcome from the trap of some selfish politicians