The Infuser

I was invited by a news editor, He was extremely rich person taking tea in a cup of gold. He was  editor of a vary renowned newspaper of Bengal state. Mr. Arun Rai invited me to join the tea with him on his table placed in middle of garden made in his Villa,

I agreed. Then, he open a wooden box placed on his  table a put out a silver ball made of silver mash. He putted some most reputed aromatic Darjeeling tea leafs form a small silver chest, open the silver mash ball with a clip and inserted some Darjeeling tea leaf in the silver mash ball and closed the mash with a small clip. Then, he pour the hot water in a cup of gold and put that ball in the cup, the silver mash was tied with a vary thin silver chain with one hook on both end.

That was the infuser, I have seen first time in my life but strange thing is that that silver ball of mash was made by a local goldsmith (Mr. Ranjan) as the design given by Mrs Ranjani Rai wife of Mr. Arun Rai, she was an engineer form some where in Maharashtra. while, at the most in Bengal people like to take liquor tea instead of milk tea. I born and grow in Haryana, so it was quite uncomfortable to take liquor tea. But that was the taste and aroma only make me liker of Darjeeling tea.

Tea infuser is a substitute of tea bag however vary long lasting and re-usable. But later American claimed that infuser is an invention of America. The infuser is generally a small mesh that can be made by Indian goldsmith. Tea infuser varying sizes to steep single or multiple servings at once. American have given different shapes for infusers include spherical, conical and cylindrical. One style of infuser is a split sphere with thin chain with a hook on both end. The they created new design of spoon-shaped tea infusers, with handles. The infuser is placed in a cup or pot of hot or boiling water, allowing the tea to brew without loose tea leaves spilling into the pot or cup. A chain is tied to the container of the infuser to simplify retrieval from the pot or cup.

To conclude, Now tea infuser is mostly made in china and thousand of varieties available  in market.