White Tea Manufacturing Process

1) Buds Plucking
Special plucking technique is used for making of white tea. In it’s plucking fresh young leaf buds are chosen to pluck from a tea bushes is known as bud plucking. Each bud are picks only one or two bud of succulent fresh growth. Plucking is done in every 7th day. Plucking is traditionally done by fully skilled women and collected in a small and vary clean basket with a white cloth fitted inside of basket.

2) Sunlight Drying
White tea is neither rolled nor fired, so it is essentially non-oxidized. Instead of being exposed to an artificial heat, All leafs are dried in sunlight. The drying box are vary clean with a proper air ventilation and  covered by a transparent glass while all four side may be transparent. The tea buds are dried in natural sunlight for 12 hours. After drying process the leafs moisture should be 2% only. Results in the most delicate, fresh-from-the-garden tasting tea.

3) Storage                                                                                                                                                 The most white tea are stored in metal box or the glassware storage. Moreover, The storage container must be airtight. 

While, Our white tea is regularly reserved by some of major traders of America and Europe. We also give customized packing option to our client at their willing quality specifications.