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Shipping, return & exchange

Shipping & transit Duration: All retail order takes up to 4-15 days for delivery in American, European, CIS, Middle East, Gulf, Oceanic, African and Asian regions. It might extend up to 30 days for remote locations. All bulk order of LCL shipments takes 15 days to 45 days form port of origin to port of destination and for FCL shipment it takes 15 days to 20 days from port of origin to port of destination. Client has to bear 15 days extra for American region.

Shipping Charges: All retail order is charges as per shipping companies mostly shipped through air cargo. While retail delivery is subject of weight up to 160 kilogram per shipments and shipping charges is calculate as per actual weight or volumetric weight at the time of quotation provided via email or message.

(Calculation formula- Length (cm) x Breadth (cm) x Hight (cm) / 5000 = x kilogram)

All bulk order are charges after confirmation of Aircargo & Sea cargo shipping companies. Shipping charges are provided separately by quotation threw email or message. Calculation and measurement of shipment is on basis of Cubic Meter.

(Calculation formula (CBM) – Length (m) x Breadth (m) x Hight (m) = 1 CBM or 167 kilograms)

Custome Clearance: Customer is fully responsible for Custome clearance and liable to pay duty taxes and fees incurred during clearance process. Kindly read regulation for import in your country. All bulk order is custom clearance by client threw providing related documents and custom duty & charges are paid by client. Moreover, we also provide extra support and ethics for easy custom clearance.

Custome Seizer: We do not take any responsibilities for custom seize due to any reason and aspects. No refund will be issued in such situation.

Insurance & other Risk factors: All retail and bulk shipments are completely insured threw shipping company and leading insurance companies on basis invoice value. Loss of shipping charges are not insured.

Return of Shipment: All retail and bulk shipments are to return your product; Customer will bear all expenses from their dispatch point to our warehouse. Customers have to ship product to our registered address. Shipping charges, duties and taxes will be paid by customer and deducted from the advance or payment received during order confirmation.

Product Exchange or return: Only retail order is subject of exchange & replacement if product is defective or damaged. Shipping charges will be beard by client. If you need to exchange it for the same Product. Kindly inform us and take approval before exchange or return request.

For Product exchange and return:


Warehouse address: Ballia Corpus, #111, NGM, Sonkra Road, Taraori-132116, District- Karnal, State- Haryana, India.

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